Will R. Bird’s ‘The Ghost Hole’ (1928)….

10043LRThis is the second in an ongoing series where I’ll be posting PDF’s from my collection of WWI era pulp magazines.

Today’s story is Will R. Bird’s “The Ghost Hole” from the December 6th, 1928 issue of War Stories.  It’s a breezy ten-pages, telling the tale of two plucky Yanks: Corporal Dan Murphy, a sixteen-year regular force soldier, and “Red” Kent, a banker’s son on his first day at the front.

Over the previous six nights, three American patrols have disappeared in the area of an abandoned German dugout, and the brass hats back at H.Q. have a hundred-franc reward for the man who can figure out what those dastardly Boche are up to.  Our heroes head out to an observation post under cover of darkness, infiltrate the dugout, and just when they think they’re safe, Fritz has a surprise in store.

Completely ridiculous, this story is the stuff of preadolescent fantasy, and thus, entertaining as hell.  And the dialogue: superb!

“What th’ hell is wrong?” demanded Murphy sibilantly.
“A guy has fell in a hole and can’t get out,” came the explanation.
“Push him in further and step on him,” hissed the corporal.  “Move on!”

Now that’s how corporals & sergeants communicate!

I’ve cleaned up the images a bit.  The PDF is below the cover image.  Enjoy.


Will R. Bird – The Ghost Hole


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3 Responses to Will R. Bird’s ‘The Ghost Hole’ (1928)….

  1. Tom says:

    Dear Jim, this is really great. Do you have other copies of War Stories in your collection?

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