Frank S. Brown’s Attestation Papers….

Click on either image for a more detailed view.

FrankSBrown Page 1

FrankSBrown Page 2A Princess Pat with a Maple Leaf tattoo.  Nice to know the tradition goes back a ways….  There are some other oddities in this form –he listed his daughter, rather than his wife or parents as his ‘Next of Kin’, and he refused to be vaccinated.  Brown had been a member of the RCR’s since 1910, and I suspect after four years he’d stopped paying much attention to yet another piece of military paperwork.  In my experience sergeants don’t like paperwork; they like route marches and range time.  Why would Brown be any different?

On a related note: whenever I went on exercise with the reserves we had to fill out a new will in case the army accidently killed us over the weekend, and I recall leaving my ‘estate’ (books and student loan debt) to various ex-girlfriends, my dog, the Junior Ranks Mess, the Sergeant-Major, etc (a waitress at the SFU pub always had first dibs on my OED).  Once an entire section left our estates to the Commanding Officer’s daughter, and nobody commented on it.  Good times.  Hopefully some official will find those forms fifty years from now and demand an inquiry….

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