The Great War — BBC Documentary — 1964…

A still from the opening credits.

A still from the opening credits.

There are several excellent television documentaries on the First World War, but none moreso than the BBC’s 1964 production The Great War.  Still considered one of the high-points of BBC documentary-making film, the series consists of 26 forty-minute episodes.

One of the many wonderful things about the series are the numerous interviews with verterans who were but late-middle aged: still sharp, still funny, and still able to relate their experiences candidly.

As I understand it, the series is replayed with some regularity in the UK, (in fact, The Daily Mail handed out DVD copies in weekend papers a few years back) but I don’t think it has been seen on Canadian television in the last thirty years at least, and it isn’t available on DVD in North America.  That’s a shame, given how much CBC footage appears in the series.

So, here you go: Episode 1: On The Idle Hill of Summer

I’ve watched the series numerous times, but I downloaded the series in its entirety here.


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