Acland in the Regimental History – Part II….

-2This is the second post documenting each significant mention of Peregrine Acland in Kim Beattie’s marvelous regimental history, The 48th Highlanders of Canada: 1891-1928.

Chapter IX contains an account of the Battle of Mont Sorrel, from June 1916.  I have decided to create a PDF of the chapter so that you can read it in full.  It’s a largish file (about 25 megs).  I scanned it from a photocopy and in order to ensure it can be read easily, I kept the resolution high.

Acland appears throughout the chapter: he is mentioned by name on pages 131, 135, 136, 138, 139, 140, 141, & 145.  Because of casualties inflicted during the battle, Acland assumed command of the 15th Battalion in the actual battlefield during the course of the attack.  He was being directed by more senior 15th Battalion officers just to the rear of the battle at headquarters.  Acland is referred to as the “OC” which is shorthand for “Officer Commanding.”  That is, the most senior officer actually in the fight conducting the men.  He is carrying out the orders of his “CO” or “Commanding Officer,” stationed back at HQ.

I hummed and hawed for a few days about how best to present this material.  Because Acland’s roll was so critical during the battle, even where he isn’t mentioned specifically, I eventually concluded it would be doing a disservice to present it piecemeal.

I’ve hosted the PDF on Dropbox.  It can be downloaded here.  When you open the link, there will be a blue download icon in the top right of the screen.  Click it, and select ‘direct download’ from the menu.  It takes about 3 minutes.  If there are any problems, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post, and I’ll fix it asap.

Also below are two maps that you’ll find are very helpful, showing the Mont Sorrel battlefield in full.  The first is the German push of June 2nd, the second is of the Canadian counterattack from June 2nd – 13th.  The 15th Battalion is located in the lower left of each map.

Mont Sorrel 1Mont Sorrel 2

18 pounder gun crew

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