It’s “Quiet” ! from Kim Beattie’s And You!

                It’s “Quiet” !

In a château as safe as a cellar in Galt
        And twice as bomb-proof as St. Louis,
The Brass Hats arise for the war about nine,
And pray that the day will stay peaceful and fine,
And groan: “We must visit our section of line –
   “Our G.O.C.’s horrible to us!”

   Now be careful for God, King and Country, by gad,
       Ah, what are those thunderous snorts?
   --There’ll be an offensive “toot-sweetly”, my lad,
       When Brass Hats are seen in supports!

Then they call on an outfit that lies in reserve;
   They’re certain no outfit is tougher!
“Kar-umph!” says a Noise with an Iron Pig’s bile!
“Kar-ung!” says another in Woolly-bear style!
“We’ll go!” says Brass Hat –and the Line for a mile
   Starts begging old Fritz to get rougher!

   Oh, they hustle for God, King and Country, by gad,
       They puff with a panicky grunt!
   They’ll report with a proud, gallant flourish, my lad;
       “Sir!  We have toured round the front!”

                                    --Kim Beattie

From And You!  Toronto: MacMillan, 1929.  Page 14.

"Bomb-proof": this phrase carries a negative connotation beyond just
being a safe area, or a soldier out of harm's way.  Today's fighting
men occasionally use the phrase 'remf' to describe such 'bomb-proof 
soldiers'; it stands for 'Rear Echelon Mother Fucker.'  

"G.O.C.": An acronym for 'General Officer Commanding'.  So, a quite 
senior officer in charge.

"Iron Pig": Artillery

"Wooly-bear": Smaller anti-personel artillery rounds that were fused
to burst above ground and spray men with shrapnel.  At burst there 
was a visible puff of black smoke, hence 'wooly-bear'.  The sound 
described is that of shrapnel bouncing around.
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