The 15th Battalion CEF Returning to Toronto…

cap badgeIn this mostly silent, 13+ minute film, we see the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) returning to Toronto.  The troop train from Halifax pulled into the Canadian National Exhibition Station on May 19th, 1919, six months after the November 11th Armistace.

After a grand procession of men in uniform through the streets of Toronto, at the 5:50 mark, Lt. Colonel Osborne leads men of the regiment that were previously returned to Canada.  Marching in column of three, there are two companies of men in uniform, followed by a company of men in mufti.

Peregrine Acland was teaching & tending the library at the Groton School in Massachusetts in May of ’19, so he may, or may not be in one of those three companies.  If he is, I suspect he’s wearing civvies.

Regardless, there’s some wonderful period footage, particularly of the trooping of the colours at Varsity Stadium.

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