Torontonensis 1913….

Torontonensis is the title of the year book published annually at the University of Toronto from 1898-1966.

Peregrine Acland’s name appears in the 1909 through the 1913 volumes, covering his time as an undergraduate at University College, Toronto.

Acland’s first two academic years at the University of Toronto appear to be uneventful (at least from the year book committee’s perspective), as his name appears only in a list of members of the Sigma Pi Fraternity.

In the 1911-12 edition, Acland is listed as a member of the Historical Club.  The following year, Acland became president of the Historical Club, and is also listed as a member of the “XIII. Club”.  What this is, I don’t know.  I’ve found reference to a “XIII Club” at the University of Glasgow that seems to be a gentleman’s dining club, as well as a “13 club” at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, that has all the hallmarks of a secret society.  If any of my readers know the secret handshake and can tell me what the XIII club is, please do so.

This is Acland’s photo from the 1912-13 edition, his senior year.  The write up that accompanies the photo reads:

Peregrine Palmer Acland.

Born 1891, Toronto; educated at Model School, Toronto; University College School, London, Eng.; Upper Canada College, Toronto; on editorial staff “Ottawa Free Press,” 1907-08; took Modern History Course at University College; associate editor of “Arbor,” 1911-12.  Clubs: Historical, Letters, Thirteen.  Not keen on sports, but walks much, and has been interested in rowing, boxing and riding.  Intends to go into journalism.

Acland is listed in five volumes of Torontonensis; I am not sure if this indicates his was a five year degree, or whether the first volume contained members of the 1909 incoming class.  I suspect the latter.  For the curious, links to each edition are below:

1909; 1910; 1911; 1912; 1913

Acland doesn’t seem to have been much a ‘joiner’ on campus.  Given his stature, I’d hoped to discover he played football at the University of Toronto, as the Varsity Blues won the first three Grey Cups ever played, in 1909-1911.  (The Grey Cup is Canada’s annual football championship, sort of like the Super Bowl on a smaller scale).  I suspect he wrote the occasional article for The Varsity, the university newspaper, though as of yet I have been unable to track anything down.  Acland’s absence from the student newspaper, as well as the literary journal, literary clubs, etc. suggests he is not unlike the aloof Alec Falcon; but then, why would Acland join any of the various clubs on campus?  Writing for the university paper is a bit of a step down after having been employed by The Ottawa Free Press, just as writing for the student literary journals is a step down from being published in The Canadian Magazine.

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