Acland Inscription….

I have mentioned before that I’m a book collector; one of the facets of collecting I love is discovering some interesting and obscure tidbit about an author or a particular book as a result of the hunt for the rare edition.

I’m finding the process of collecting relatively unknown authors, like Peregrine Acland, particularly fruitful in this regard.  Each new copy of All Else is Folly that crosses my path seems to offer up some new and wonderful detail.

The most recent example came via James Cummins, a New York bookseller who was kind enough to photograph an Acland inscription in a brilliant copy of Folly he has available.

His website is:

It’s a gorgeous bookstore, with an incredible stock of rare books.  Have a peek.

The inscription in his copy of All Else is Folly reads:

“To my fellow Highlander, ArthurAndrews, Esq., with cordial regards from/ Peregrine Acland/ March 30th, 1933. As the book was extensively revised after F. M. F. wrote his preface, I suggest reading the story first- the preface afterwards./ P.A”

After the copy of Folly inscribed to W.L. Mackenzie King (that resides at Library and Archives Canada) this has got to be the most interesting inscription contained in a copy of Folly –and this one is currently on the market.

Presumably there is an earlier draft of Folly somewhere, with FMF’s annotations in the margins.  That’s something I’d love to find.


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