All Else is Folly – Grosset & Dunlap Dust Jacket….

Fixing bayonets and getting back in the swing of things here…..

Soon after the major editions of All Else is Folly were published in the fall of 1929, (M&S in Canada, Constable in the UK, and Coward McGann in the USA) a cheap reprint edition appeared in the United States from the publisher Grosset & Dunlap.

As I understand it, Grosset & Dunlap specialized in juvenile adventure stories, romance novels and illustrated children’s books.  This edition of Folly is exactly the same as the Coward McGann edition, with the exception of the different publisher’s name on the spine and the addition of seven pages of publisher’s adverts at the end of the book: “The Novels of Temple Bailey,” “Margaret Pedler’s Novels,” “Stirring Tales of the Great War,” “Percival C. Wren’s Novels,” “Romances for the Modern Girl,” (including The Flapper Wife, Marriage a la Mode, and Chickie, a Sequel ! )  and “The Novels of May Christie.”  They all look like cracking good reads…

There is a photo elsewhere on this site of the three North American editions stacked together without their dust jackets, and if you’ll notice, the Grosset & Dunlap copy is slightly smaller in height, depth and width (maybe an 1/8 of an inch in each direction) than the other editions.  The paper is noticeably cheaper too, (though it has aged about as well as the other editions) and it lacks the deckle edge common to the 1st Canadian & American editions.

Despite being a cheap book, copies are relatively hard to come by.  There are none currently listed on Abe or Bookfinder.  I paid 2.99 for my copy about a year ago on ebay; with shipping it came to 15.oo bucks, and I’d say that’s about right.

There is a copy for sale at Mushroom House Books through  Price: 120.oo US, but it has a decent dust jacket, and you’re not ever going to see another.  He was kind enough to send me a picture.  If you’re interesting in purchasing it, his Amazon storefront can be found here.

In a subsequent post I’ll put up the Coward McGann dust jacket for comparison, as they’re virtually identical.




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