Timeline of All Else is Folly…

Timeline of All Else is Folly:

A quick little chapter by chapter breakdown of the novel.  I’m working on an index at the moment, and will being posting random musings from the close reading I’ve just completed.

Part I:

Chapter 1 – Alberta – Declaration of War
Chapter 2 – On the troopship
Chapter 3 – Savoy Hotel
Chapter 4 – Road to Festubert
Chapter 5 – After Festubert
Chapter 6 – Bendip Towers – Convalescence
Chapter 7 – Lady Bendip in the bath
Chapter 8 – Mrs. Palmer-Jewett’s House
Chapter 9 – Lady Bendip & Falcon go riding
Chapter 10 – History of Peter Hollister (Adair’s Husband)
Chapter 11 – Falcon and Adair ride to the edge and turn back
Chapter 12 – Rump’s view of the goings on at Bendip Towers
Chapter 13 – Falcon’s farewell dinner and the gunshot
Chapter 14 – Ypres: planning for raid, recce reverie
Chapter 15 – Eight days leave in London, Myra & Isabella

Part II

Chapter 1 – Billets, marching back to Albert
Chapter 2 – Moving up in preparation of Somme attack
Chapter 3 – Waiting for attack, going over in waves
Chapter 4 – Attack at Somme, Falcon’s wounds

Part III

Chapter 1 – Movie at the Palace
Chapter 2 – Meeting Adair

Epilogue – 1924 Toronto, the Armoury.

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