Ex Libris & Acland’s Signature…

I realize that collecting signed editions and ex-libris copies is a relatively specialized niche within the larger field of book collecting, and not particularly interesting to historians or literature professors, but….I’m a book collector and so love these sorts of details.  Above is Acland’s signature, taken from his copy of The Letters of George Meredith.

Acland signed many of the books he owned, and stamped his name in others.  The copy of ex-libris copy of Meredith’s letters I own has both.

What an ugly, official looking little stamp, especially compared against the elegant signature.  I suspect that the stamp dates from Acland’s time working in the Prime Minister’s office: it has that sort of official quality about it.

If you happen to see such a stamp, or signature, in a book in some out-of-the-way second hand bookstore, do please drop me a line and tell me about it.  Or conversely, you could buy it and then attempt to gouge me to your heart’s content –I’d be pleased with that too.


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