Court Circular from The Times…

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Acland’s was one of about fifty Military Crosses awarded on this occasion.  Also of note, Sir Julian Byng was made a Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and David Ross Lauder was awarded a Victoria Cross.

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These excerpts are from The Times of London, Monday, March 5th, 1917, page 11.  See the article in its original context here: The TImes – Monday March 15th, 1917

Of all the recipients at the Palace on that Saturday afternoon, there were about a dozen Canadians soldiers and nurses; among the guests that were invited was Robert Borden, the Canadian Prime Minister (who would later offer a dust-jacket blurb for All Else is Folly), William Massey, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, as well as the Duke of Connaught and Princess Patricia.

I am trying to track down the film they watched, and if I am able to do so, I’ll post it here.  I don’t think it’s especially relevant, but the film undoubtedly makes reference to Hannibal crossing the Alps; Acland of course would compare bogged-down and overturned tanks at the Somme to Hannibal’s elephants at Cannae.

Most importantly, the article above offers a date, March 3rd, 1917, for the biographical event in Acland’s life that appears fictionalized the final pages of All Else is Folly.

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  1. To digress: when my Great-Grandfather was mayor of Gaspe, Quebec, he entertained the Governor General and his daughter Princess Patricia by taking her fishing for Atlantic salmon, and I still have the beautiful (and only used once) fishing rod she used. One of these days I’ll donate it to the PPCLI Sergeant’s Mess in Edmonton.

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