All Else is Folly 1st Canadian Edition…

For those of you that adhere to the ‘follow the flag’ principle of book collecting, the edition of Peregrine Acland’s All Else is Folly that you want to find was published by McClelland & Stewart in 1929.  Finding a copy with a dust-jacket will be difficult and expensive: expect to spend in the $250-$350 range, considerably more if the jacket is pristine. This is the first Canadian jacket.

Note the blurb from the New York Times Book Review on the spine; the entire text of that review is available elsewhere on this site.  One of my contentions is that Acland was able to dodge much of the criticism leveled at other Canadian war writers (Harrison, Dent, etc.) due to a combination of his political connections, as well as the publishing quirk that saw All Else if Folly published, and glowingly reviewed, in both Britain and America before the Canadian edition was available.

One of the great joys of tracking down books in their dust jackets (especially relatively obscure books by obscure authors) is seeing how the book was marketed, the ads for other books, the author pictures.  And since I’ve got them, I might as well post pictures of the inside dj-flaps.

From dust-jacket flap at the front of the book.






















And from the rear flap.

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