Mentioned in Dispatches…

War Office, 1st June, 1917.

The following is in continuation of Sir Douglas Haig’s Despatch* of 9th April, submitting names deserving of special mention, published in the London Gazette of Tuesday, 15th May, 1917.



Peregrine Acland’s mention in dispatches (or despatches) appears in The London Gazette issue number 30107.  One can download the fourteen page supplement here.  Acland’s name appears on page seven of the supplement, under the section for Canadian Infantry.

Acland’s name is the fourth down on the right hand column.

Being mentioned in dispatches is an award, and in some cases a prerequisite for promotion.  According to the Canadian Honours Chart, “mention in dispatches shall be awarded for valiant conduct, devotion to duty or other distinguished service.”

During the First World War, 5467 MIDs were awarded to Canadians.

In 1919, a retroactive award for those mentioned in dispatches during the Great War was put in place; recipients were presented with a bronze oak leaf that could be worn on a medal (if the mention was tied to a medal) or separately, “centered and horizontal” on the left breast.  Multiple mentions in dispatches only qualified one for a single oak leaf.

It should be noted that Peregrine Acland was already home in Canada when he was gazetted.  He returned from England with his mother during the week of May 22nd, 1917 (available in the Globe and Mail Archives). His mention is likely tied to his promotion to Major.

Regarding my earlier post on the likelihood of Peregrine Acland and Cy Peck knowing each other: notice that Peck is mentioned in dispatches five names beneath Acland.

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